The Improved Line Stretcher

JagClamp is the improved line stretcher. Our own mason, Jason Upshaw, replaced his entire collection of line stretchers in favor for the multipurpose clamp. See how faster and safer the job can be, tips and tricks, and the overall usefullness and utility of switching to JagClamp.

JagClamp is the #1 solution to faster and easier line stretching. Keep your crew safe by eliminating flying tools on the jobsite while increasing your production. Replaces all sizes of line stretchers, line blocks, twigs and pins.

Which is fastest: typical line stretchers or JagClamp? Which is easier? Which is safer? See for yourself as the 20-year mason gives his personal input and why he chose to toss all his line stretchers away for the multipurpose hand-clamp.

JagClamp is by design a Masonry tool, yet it has so many capabilities: Metal Framing, Fencing, plumb lines (horizontal or vertical), and more. Adaptable, flexible, and awarded Most Innovative Product, Feb 2017 at World of Concrete.

Shouts out to Steve Perez and his gracious review and opinion on JagClamp! Thanks MITA – Masonry Industry Training Association for your video! We’re glad to provide future masons with the toughest, quickest, and safest multipurpose clamp.

Joel with the Snap-on tool review graciously reviewed JagClamp and offered his opinion in his unboxing video. We also ran a contest to give away a free pair to whoever can come up with the best idea for using the multipurpose hand-tool!

Follow Jason on another jobsite as he shows you yet another useful tip for JagClamp: place JagClamp on the inside corner on a line pin to have a tight hold on your lead pole and keep the lead pole in place, and use another JagClamp to lay some brick!