JagXL | Adjustable Line Stretcher

Add inches to your tool! JAG:XL is the upgraded hand clamp and an adjustable line stretcher with an attachable size adjuster. JAG:XL can adjust up to 5.5″, perfect for solid block, brick and even 4 x 4 posts. It can fit any block that our original JagClamp can fit plus a few more inches up to 5.5″. No matter what field your in, JAG:XL will help your production and safety “ex-cel”.

Jag XL sitting on five eigths surface


jag xl sitting on 3 and five eights block


Jag XL sitting on five and a half inch block size


JagXL can adjust in quarter inch (.25″) intervals from .625″ up to 5.5″. JagXL can easily adjust by twisting the brass nut and screwing it back on. Perfect for bricks without inner holes, filled-in blocks, fence posts, decorative rocks, and many more applications needing a lined string.

Fits Brick and Block

Perfect for Fence and Poles

Fits Stones and Decorative Rocks