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Join the growing JagClamp family and start saving money, increasing production, and keeping you and workers safer today. Sell JagClamps with your company’s info and identity printed right on the label. Or if you’re looking for the perfect gift, a pair of JagClamps can fulfill multiple DIY projects needing a trusty clamp with multiple string-line or clamping capabilities.  Be the first in your area to maximize in your area!

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Why Sell JagClamp?

JagClamp has proven to be a profitable and highly-sought item for masons, construction workers, contractors, and many other industries. We are providing over 100 retailers around the country and various places around the world, but there are still states untouched. Be the first in your area to tap into this highly potential market and be ahead of the competition.

What are the Product Specifications?

Each JagClamp weighs .5 lbs with 14 gram aluminum finish and has an opening of 2.5 inches. Each JagXL was 1 lb and has an opening of .625″ up to 5.5″.

How Can I Save Money with JagClamp?

Job sites have many different sizes requirements, and a typical line stretcher can only fit on certain sizes. For a complete set, you’ll need over $150 worth of tools, filling your tool bag completely. JagClamp replaces over 10 different sizes, weigh up to a pound, and costs 80% less.

How can I Become a Retail Partner?

By submitting your request in the form, once your information is received, we will reach out and send over a digital order form.