The Toughest, Quickest, Safest Line Stretcher on the Block


A lightweight, multipurpose hand clamp that packs a secure grip with a 2 x 2 aluminum grip



Takes only seconds to move from course to course, making the job easier and faster to apply



Most importantly, secure grip means stronger, durable, and more reliable tool that keeps workers safe


Save Time

Safer doesn’t mean slower! Products with extra safety features can also potentially slow down a worker’s progress and time. JagClamp takes only seconds to move from course to course, making the job easier and faster to apply.


Increase Production

By taking seconds to string and apply, contractors can now equip their workers with the strong, durable, and reliable tool that keeps their workers productive and earning more per block they lay.


Improve Safety

Thanks to the 2 x 2” aluminum grip, JagClamp is a lightweight multipurpose hand clamp but packs a tough grip that holds long lines, stays securely clasped on a surface, and won’t become a hazardous high-speed flying object.


Perfect for DIY

With line stretching abilities, both horizontally and vertically, JagClamp makes it easy for many project. Build a brick or block wall, fence, mailbox, tree house, or other countless DIY projects.

Multipurpose Line Holding Clamp

Secure Grip

Designed with efficiency and safety in mind, JagClamp is made to hold long lines, move course to course in seconds, and maintain a strong grip and preventing it from becoming another hi-speed flying hazard.

Big Savings

Reduce clutter in your tool bag, save money on tools, make more money by laying more blocks faster, and utilize the horizontal and vertical line stretching for many different job sites, industries, and even DIY projects at home!


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Customer Testimonials

My husband loved this for his job. They make his job faster and easier and able to do his lines really good. We love them!

Dina Ramos

“Highly effective, quick, and easy. In my expierience of laying block, I never seen a dog or line block as effective.”

Jason Upshaw

“Looks like the only tool you’ll need for different jobs. As a mason, these would save a lot of clutter in the toolbox!

Kyle Shanker

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